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I have worked with many replacement window companies over the last 30 plus years and consider myself fortunate to have had an opportunity to work with Lee Ross and Window Factory Direct. We have worked with them on small projects and large ones. In 2008, they installed over 4,000 windows and sliding doors at a large suburban property and completed the job well above my expectations in less than 5 months and below our original budgeted costs. The quality of the product and work was excellent and done in a professional manner."

~ Charles K. Schulman, Carlyle Management Co.

What are the Benefits of Installing Energy Efficient Commercial Windows?

Window Factory Direct prides itself on installing LEED compliant commercial windows. But what does LEED mean?

LEED is an internationally recognized green building certification system. Developed by the U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC), a LEED certification provides a third-party verification that a building was designed keeping the following things in mind: energy savings, water efficiency, CO2 emissions reduction, improved quality of indoor environment and an appreciation of the earth’s resources and an awareness of our human impacts on them.

LEED outlines how to implement practical green building design, construction, operation and maintenance for building owners and operators as well as builders. LEED is very flexible and can apply to both residential and commercial buildings. LEED follows each building throughout the design and building process and provides proper guidelines for operations and maintenance.

How does LEED work? It works on a rating system with “credits” that relate to points that are then added together to create a LEED “rating.” Some of the credits that relate to windows or the process of replacing windows include:

  • Solid Waste Diversion: LEED projects earn credits by veering solid waste away from the landfill. Window Factory direct does its own waste hauling when working on a project and makes sure any hauls that are recorded are up to LEED standards and treated properly for recycling.
  • 500 Miles: LEED projects also earn credits by making sure a certain percentage of the materials used are manufactured within 500 miles of the location. To achieve this, a “circle analysis” is done to determine the 500 mile radius, so they can then ensure whatever product they are using comes from a location within the 500 miles. Window Factory Direct strives to provide its clients with a document that proves the source of the materials used were within 500 miles of the project site.
  • Minimum Energy Performance: LEED companies model their energy use for projects from the American Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air-Conditioning Engineers standard achievement.
  • Glare Reduction: LEED companies use special treatments to reduce discomfort to the building residents caused by glare and unwanted light.
  • Recycle: Any materials used in glass, framing or hardware that includes pre or post consumer recycled parts need to be measured and verified.
  • Daylight and View: LEED projects earn credits by maximizing the use of natural daylight. Using Low-E-Glass can make access to daylight easier without increasing discomfort caused by glare.
  • Thermal Comfort: LEED projects also earn credits for providing controls for the building residents to manage their own heating and cooling. Usable windows provide an alternative to common heating, ventilating and air conditioning controls.

Window Factory Direct concentrates most on solid waste diversion and the 500 mile radius elements for LEED compliant windows, only because many of the other elements listed above deal with the way a building is constructed. We are extremely dedicated to only installing LEED compliant commercial windows and doing everything possible to save energy and water, reduce CO2 emissions and improve the indoor environment for building occupants. Window Factory Direct makes a conscious effort to appreciate the earth’s resources and treat our planet with the upmost respect.

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